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Do you like low pitched instruments? Is the upper end of the bass clef just a bit too high for your taste? Are you fascinated by musical instruments that register on seismographs?
Read on.
I've always enjoyed instruments that reach below the bass clef, preferably way below. Bassoon is fun, but contrabassoon is much more fun. Why settle for alto flute, when there are bass flutes, and contrabass flutes, and subcontrabass flutes? If you have similar interests, I hope you'll enjoy browsing through the  compendium, stocked with images (and occasionally sounds) of the larger varieties of musical instruments. BTW, if you have better (or more) images or sounds, feel free to send them to me for incorporation. Please also feel free to join the Contrabass email list, currently available in regular or digest formats. Consider it the contrabass mania online support group.
If you're looking for a musician to cover some unusual woodwind parts, try me .

Travel pics:
More Support Groups:
  • If you have as bad a case of instrument mania as I do, you might also be interested in the American Musical Instrument Society. The AMIS has a quarterly journal, an annual meeting, and probably 500 other people like me/us. To inquire about joining, contact Albert Rice , the membership registrar. 
  • You may also be interested in the Galpin Society , and in WindWorld .
  • For independent study, here are a few books ...
Do YOU Need a Support Group?
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If you do not receive a reply within a couple of days, please send again and tell me that you didn't receive my reply: sometimes my email gets bounced without notice, and I may need to respond using a different account.

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